How lovely it is to see my horse so relaxed with you in the stable – he does not usually take to people he doesn’t really know going in his box, yet I left you to make tea and he was very happy.

And today he won the PSG direct Qualifier!!! Thank you so much Angela Harwood Pure Reiki for all your help with my special boy xxx


First time for me meditating, I didn’t know what to expect. My mind is very busy so I kept drifting in and out. I can really see how these sessions will help benefit the mind and body so I will definitely join you again. As I’m busy teaching & planning Pilates classes this was a really beneficial time for me to relax.

Thank you x Kelly

Hi Angela! I felt much more grounded today after my reiki session. I had a couple of ‘mood swings’ though. You might find this interesting, my horse has been a bit crabby with me the last few days and not really wanted me near her to much. But today she was so loving and cuddly. I got a bit emotional. I feel much more balanced!

Laura x

‘Great meditation session darling, just wanted to let you know that I had the most marvellous nights sleep – over 8 hours solid- unheard of…. Thanks for such a great session


Thanks for meditation last evening ….. My headache that I’d had for two days started going straight away and this morning it’s gone completely…. Bliss……I had literally been taking concodamol and ibuprofen for two days constantly and couldn’t shift it…… you remember I said my head started thumping as I was writing in the book? It started improving thereafter. The relief is indescribable xx