Equine Reiki

Equine Reiki

REIKI energy healing is as beneficial to animals as it is to people. Those of us who are lucky enough to own, live or work with horses, know what intuitive, loving creatures they are.

Like humans, horses have seven main energy points, ‘Chakras’ and if they become blocked, can cause various physical and emotional issues.

All horse treatments are carried out at the horse’s own location. There is an initial in depth consultation, which will involve discussing you as an owner and your relationship with your horse.

It is best for the treatment to take place at a quieter time of the day and when the horse can relax for several hours afterwards. Most horses are very open to healing and accept the treatment immediately. However, in a situation where this is not the case, I often use crystals and essential oils to help the animal relax and open up to healing.

During the treatment, you will notice your horse will experience several different physical ‘releases’. Typically, they tend to yawn, sigh, twitch, paw the ground and quite often their tummies will rumble and they can get a bit ‘windy’!! Again, as with humans, this is down to the energy starting to flow through the body and the Chakras becoming unblocked.

You may find for a few days after treatment, your horse could display different behaviour. For instance, there could be an increase in how much water they drink, they may seem sleepier than usual, or even more energised than usual. These symptoms shouldn’t last longer than a few days. Your horse should experience a general feeling of wellbeing due to the increased flow of energy.

On a very rare occasion, your horse may refuse treatment. If this happens, the only charge made would be for travelling where appropriate.

Equine Treatment Price

£60 per treatment

The session can last anywhere between 30/40 minutes to over an hour (maximum 1 1/2 hours) depending on the horse. Animals will let you know when they they feel they’ve had enough energy healing by moving away, becoming agitated and distracted. To continue with the treatment at this point would have a negative effect and undo the positive effects of the healing.

Group Equine treatment price
2 to 4 horses £55 per horse

I will travel to any location. However, I make a discretionary charge for travelling to anywhere further than 10 miles from my base in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Travel costs will be discussed at the time the booking is made. It often helps to share the travel cost by arranging more than one treatment at each yard.

Please allow an extra 15 to 30 minutes for initial consultation (included in the fee).