Partnership Energy Healing

As animal lovers and owners, our lives revolve around our pet’s health and well being. Often, when our animals have either health or behavioural issues, it’s only natural that this has a knock on effect on our own emotional and stress levels.

This is when Partnership Energy Healing can help. It’s a process where you receive a session of Reiki energy healing before your animal receives theirs with no more than 24/48 hours between the two. It enables you to release any blockages in your own energy flow, leaving you feeling calmer and thus helping you to deal with any issues that could be blocking your pets healing process.

As with all first time treatments, there is an in-depth consultation, where I will explore the relationship you have with your animal. Quite often the answers you give will enable you to understand the relationship you have and help you to become part of the solution to helping the healing process of your pet. Ultimately it will lead to a much happier and harmonious partnership between you both.


£100 per partnership per treatment