Meditation Downloads

Please find below a list of meditation downloads available to you – you can download the free sample below.

Stillness Meditation

Discover a deep inner stillness. Take time to pause, relax and enjoy peace and tranquility.


Take time to connect to the earth and nature, enabling you to focus and achieve balance in all you do

Connecting to your Inner Child

This meditation will take you on a journey to find the magic that is embodied in your inner child. This process offers one part of the multi layered healing of […]

Visualisation Meditation

Take this opportunity to relax and use the power of your mind to create change and transform your life

Chakra Cleansing

Follow a path through the energy centres of the body, exploring each Chakra, their corresponding colours and function in the body.

Release Negative Energy

This guided meditation serves as a companion for letting go of all negative energy such as grief, resentment and pain. It helps process emotional pain, enabling release with love and […]

NB: older iPads and iPhones (pre iOS 13) please download the file via a PC or MAC and transfer to your iPhone or iPad via iTunes or another MP3 player.